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"I received my built-to-order system from you about 10 days ago, and it works perfect. Incredibly fast, never..."
— Douglas
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Swiftech H220 Quiet Power PLUG-AND-PLAY Liquid Cooling System 4 Pin 2x 120mm Fans 3/8 Fitting

H220 kits are covered by a 3 year (parts & labor) limited warranty by Swiftech USA. Please call 1-888-857-9438 for any technical or defective report.
This product can only be exchanged or replaced with the exact same item.

H220 is compatible with cases that support 240mm radiator mount
Swiftech H220 Quiet Power PLUG-AND-PLAY Liquid Cooling System 4 Pin 2x 120mm Fans 3/8 Fitting - 1
Actual product may not be exactly as shown.
Swiftech H220 Quiet Power PLUG-AND-PLAY Liquid Cooling System 4 Pin 2x 120mm Fans 3/8 Fitting - 79583_l.jpg Swiftech H220 Quiet Power PLUG-AND-PLAY Liquid Cooling System 4 Pin 2x 120mm Fans 3/8 Fitting - 79583_1.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Reg. Price: $149.99  CAD
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   Shipping Weight:   5.4 lbs
   Part #: H220
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Product Videos    [ Edit ]

Features    [ Edit | History ]

The H220 CPU cooler is an All-In-One (AIO) liquid cooling system focused on low to inaudible operating noise and thermal performance that truly rivals that of custom kits. The product is compatible with most cases supporting dual 120mm or larger radiators. It comes factory pre-filled, completely plug-and-play for installation, and is maintenance-free during its 3 year warranty period.

The H220 is the result of 3 years of research and development, and it was designed to bridge the gap between entry level All-In-One and custom-built DIY liquid cooling systems. It differentiates itself from other AIO's by its ability to support additional liquid cooled components such as graphics cards, chipset, and/or additional radiator(s) just like a custom-built system.

Both the pump and the fans are PWM compliant devices, allowing the H220 to be recognized and speed-controlled by the motherboard depending on CPU temperature like any standard CPU cooler. As a bonus, the system includes a PWM splitter allowing connection of up to 8 PWM devices which can then be controlled as one by the motherboard.

From virtually silent to comfortable audible noise levels Our design objective for this product was to minimize the operating noise while preserving high thermal performance characterisitcs. At its lowest speed settings, the system is virtually inaudible. At its maximum speed, the H220 remains within comfortable audible noise levels.
Plug-and-Play The H220 is the easiest AIO liquid cooling kits to install bar none, and is even easier to setup than many high-end air coolers.
Superior Thermal Performance Thanks to its copper & brass dual 120mm radiator, high static pressure Helix 120mm fans, more powerful DC pump than any other AIO on the market, and because it shares the Award winning Apogee™ Drive II cpu waterblock design, the H220 kit delivers the same level of superior thermal performance that can be found in custom kits.
Expandability The H220 differentiates differentiates itself from other AIO's by its ability to support additional liquid cooled components such as graphics cards, chipset,  and/or additional radiator(s).
  From a practical standpoint, this is possible thanks to:
  The presence of a reservoir including a fill-port built into the radiator so that the system can be easily emptied or refilled by the user at will,
  Enthusiast grade 5/8” OD black PVC tubing fastened to swivel fittings with an elegant clamping system that users can easily remove and safely re-install.
  From a thermal performance standpoint, this is made possible by:
  The high thermal capacity of the dual 120mm copper and brass radiator
  The powerful high-pressure pump capable of driving sufficient flow to cool multiple devices in the loop.
Automatic speed control or fine-tuning right out of the box Both the pump and the fans are PWM compliant devices, allowing the H220 to be recognized and speed-controlled by the motherboard depending on CPU temperature just like any standard CPU cooler. As a bonus, the system includes a PWM splitter allowing connection of up to 8 PWM devices which can then be controlled as one by the motherboard.
Maintenance-free As shipped from our factory, the H220 CPU cooler requires no maintenance during its 3 year waranty period; a system refill is recommend at the end of 3 years. Under extreme ambient conditions, the system may need more frequent refills. If upgraded by the user, the interval of time between refills will depend on how users implement their customized loop.
Reliability Both fans and pump are rated for a 60,000 MTBF (Meantime Between Failures)


Specifications    [ Edit | History ]
Qty Specifications  
1 Radiator  
  Material Brass tubes, louvered copper fins
  Body dimensions 269mm x 128mm x 29mm
  Fill-port thread class G 1/4
  Reservoir capacity 90 cc
  Barb fittings Integrated swivel 90° elbows, 3/8" (10mm) OD
  Installation hardware Standard: (8) coarse thread fans screws
    Alternate: (8) 6-32 x 1 3/16 (30mm)  philips screws  
  ROHS Compliant
2 Pre-installed Fan  
  Dimensions 120mm x 120mm x 25mm
  Speed control PWM
  Speed range 800+/- 25% ~ 1800+/- 10%  RPM
  Airflow range 24 ~ 55 CFM
  Static pressure range 0.53 ~ 2.29 mmH20
  Noise level range <16 ~ <33 dB/A
  Nominal Voltage 12 v
  Nominal current 0.2 A
  Bearing Type Z-axis
  Connector Mini 4-pin
  MTBF 60,000 hours
  ROHS Compliant
1 Waterblock with integrated pump  
  Cold plate material C110 copper
  Cooling engine 0.25mm x 0.25mm  micro-pin array
  Barb fittings Integrated swivel 90° elbows, 3/8" (10mm) OD
  Installation hardware For Intel LGA 775, 1155/56, 1366
    (1) Adjustable back-plate
    (4) Spring loaded screws & washers
    For Intel LGA 2011
    (4) Spring loaded screws & washers
    For AMD AM2, AM3, FM1,FM2, 939
    (2) Pre-assembled brackts & spring loaded screws
    Bracket installation screws
  Speed control PWM
  Speed range 1200 ~ 3000 RPM
  Nominal voltage 12 v
  Nominal power 6 W
  Bearing type Ceramic shaft, PTFE bearing
  Connector Mini 4-pin
  MTBF 60,000 hours
  ROHS Compliant
2 Tubing & Coolant  
  Material PVC
  Color Black
  Dimensions 5/8" x 3/8" (16/10mm)
  Length 15 3/4" (400mm)
  Coolant Pre-filled with Hydrx PM-2 non-toxic coolant
4 Clamps  
  Material Black anodized aluminum
1 PWM splitter  
  PWM Ports 8
  RPM signal port Channel 1
  Power connector Molex 4-pin
  PWM/RPM connector Mini 4-pin
  Installation hardware Peel-off sticker,  mounting screws & nuts
  ROHS Compliant
1 Tim-Mate 2, 1g serynge thermal compound  
1 Installation Guide  

H220 dimensions

Swiftech H220 Customer Reviews

Product reviews on are screened for relevance and inappropriate content. Reviews may contain inaccurate information about the product. If there is a discrepancy, please use the Flag this Review link located beside each review. Reviews are not an endorsement expressed by, but opinions from customers based on their own experience with a product. We do not recommend you make purchasing decisions based on facts or opinions expressed regarding Swiftech H220 reviews.
Experience: 7 Months
 Verified Owner
Cools very well
Quiet pump (as they all are)
Hoses are a bit long. I count this as a con but realistically it's not at all as long as you have the space for it.
Love this thing. I bought two new noctua nf-12 fans for this before installation, didn't even use the stock fans yet so I can't comment on the fans, although they look ok. I can't even hear the pump, and the fans are on a controller and are amazing themselves, so noise is not at all an issue.

Cools like crazy, keeps my fx-8350 below 30C idling.

The radiator fit ok in my case, NZXT Phantom 410 (top mount) but I could only fit it in if I put the hose side of the radiator towards the 3rd fan mount/front side of the case as the hose side is a bit larger and I could't quite fit it in the other way.

Bottom line is this thing works well and allows people room to expand while using the same pump, which no other manufacturer allows you to do.

Im giving it 5 stars because there literally were no cons for me and its keeping my cpu very cool.

Experience: 1 Weeks
 Verified Owner
Good Cpu cooling
Can add componants to the loop
Pump problems are common
High noise
The pump was making a ticking noise and it seem to be a common problem with this product. Peaple on internet reported that issue alot and it seem to end with a pump failure.
The pump and the fans are making alot of noise when your system is on load.

Would not recommand.
I recommand you a Noctua NH-D15 or Corsair h100i (wich are cheaper) or a custom loop if you want to add waterblocks to it.

Since the pump was defective I did RMA it and the replacement came today in very bad condition... I'll probably have to RMA it a second time. Sadly I can't get refund for it.

Experience: 6 Months
 Verified Owner
Build quality,expandable, great performance, pump is able to drive an addiational VGA card and RAD
Pump is not replacable, RAD fitting cannot be removed
This is the PERFECT AIO since it's expandable , i'va added a VGA card (HD7970) annd a second RAD and the pump have no problem running this.

NOTE: you NEED to use the PWM splitter for powering the pump, if you plug the pump in the motherboard CPU header directly , Swiftech may void your warranty !

Experience: 5 Months
 Verified Owner
Cools cpu better than the other AIO water coolers out there. Quiet.
Kinda bulky, and not a H220X.
Works good, no problems so far.

Experience: 30 Days
 Verified Owner
- Keeps a FX-8350 y 4.8GHz cool
- Silent operation
- Expandability and customizability are great features
- Two failed on me within 30 days. Premature pump failure.
I had two Swiftech H220's fail within a 30-day time period. Both issues were due to the pump failing prematurely. Fortunately, NCIX was fantastic at dealing with the issue. I contacted NCIX Customer Care regarding to the issue, and they were offering to provide me a second replacement (3rd unit), but I asked if I could get store credit instead. They happily did that for me, plus, threw in free shipping for my next order.

The first unit failed after about 20 minutes of operation. White electrical smoke started to emerge from the CPU block, where the 4-pin connector is located. The system was put under light load.
- Web browsing
- YouTube video running
- A few temperature monitoring programs running in the background

The second unit lasted a little longer, but suffered from the same fate. This time, in a less chaotic way. The replacement H220 had a total of approximately 4 hours of use over the span of three days. The pump simply just stopped working.

Throughout this time, I had also kept in touch with Bryan Remirez over at Swiftech, and he too was very helpful. He was offering to send a replacement unit to me, and will even test it himself before shipping it off.

This seems to be a very common issue with the Swiftech H220 - just check out the support forums on Swiftech's website. It isn't much better with the H220's twin brother either; the Cooler Master Glacer 240L. It may be a minor design flaw...which I hope they fixed with the new Swiftech H220X.

When it works, it works great. When it doesn' is disappointing. I'm giving the H220 a 3/5 despite the pump issues.

Experience: 2 Weeks
 Verified Owner
Great kit. Cools wonderfully. Easy to install. Expandable.
Doesn't work well with certain orientation - such as mITX Corsair 250D.
Here's what I posted in

This is what I posted in


[SIZE=4]Swiftech H220: Pump air trap issue[/SIZE]

The kit fits, but just an FYI, due to the orientation, you will risk having air trapped in the pump. The kit is designed to have the rad at a higher spot than the pump so the reservoir (part of the rad) is acting as an air trap.

I got mine installed, and after talking with a Swiftech rep trying to fix the issue, it's pretty much permanent. The pump is super noisy and no matter what I do, it doesn't fully go away - and the Swiftech rep said, even if I do get it silenced, there's a big chance it will come back.

I'm looking into refund process now... was thinking of Corsair H100i, but might just go custom kit........

Experience: 1 Years
 Verified Owner
Very quiet and excellent cooling.
Installation can be a little tough, just read the directions
I honestly could speak any more highly of this product. I sold my first one due to moving to a full loop, but have already purchased another for an mITX build. Really an awesome product

Experience: 2 Months
 Verified Owner
This cooler is wonderful; I did some research on different coolers; watched some of Linus' reviews and settled on the H220 and I'm so glad I did. I have the 4670 clocked at 4.2 with the H220 in a push config and can't get it to go over 25 degrees.
Absolutely nothing! For the exception of one personal quirk that it would be nice to have clear hoses and colored liquid instead of black ones.
Nothing more to say, the Swiftech line has got to be the 'cat's meow'. I plan on switching to the H320 and setting up a CPU / GPU loop with one more GTX780 in SLI.
This cooler is highly recommended.

Experience: 90 Days
great quality cooling
none so far
great well made cooling system.cools well and easy to expand

Experience: 3 Days
 Verified Owner
THE Best AIO Cooler. Period.
Swiftech Customer Service
Good Fans
PWM Splitter
Tube Length (read more)
Fin density
Fan quality
CPU Back Plate
The h220 cools my 3570k oc'd to 5.0ghz j 1.36vcore. 100% load using IBT put this at 85 degrees. My ambient air temp is 19 degrees. Now, I have a great chip, but this cooler allows me to get to 5.0ghz where any other lesser AIO cooler wont.

The simple fact that I can add a rad or block or 2 of each is worth it for anyone who upgrades over time. The pump can easily handle a couple blocks and rads without having too much restriction.

Now this can be considered a pro OR con, but like linus said in a video review, the fact that the tube length is quite long, and makes for awkward routing, its better then swiftech making error by leaving the tubes too short.

The Helix fans supplied are a great product, dont get me wrong, but I needed to keep my pc quiet, so I ordered 4 cougar vortex's (amazing fan). The helix made wierd noises at low speeds, and seemed to have very inconsistent rpm's.

Anyway, don't read my review, there are many more out there as this product is #1 for AIO cooling.

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Comment: unbiased review
Posted by: ross_w @05/03/13
Comment: Leaving the H220 as-is, going through the testing, and leaving things pretty much unmolested, Swiftech has really developed a great product. The idea here was to beat other AIO coolers, and keep pricing so close that is it really a no-brainer to move to a kit like this over the closed loop option.
Posted by: Spork™ @02/19/13
Posted by: werty316 @01/28/13
Posted by: werty316 @01/28/13
Posted by: werty316 @01/28/13
Posted by: werty316 @01/28/13
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