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Cooler Master RR-920-N520-GP Hyper N520 Copper 5-HEATPIPE CPU Heatsink w/ Fan LGA1155 1156 1366 AM3

This product can only be exchanged or replaced with the exact same item.
Cooler Master RR-920-N520-GP Hyper N520 Copper 5-HEATPIPE CPU Heatsink w/ Fan LGA1155 1156 1366 AM3 - 1
Actual product may not be exactly as shown.
Cooler Master RR-920-N520-GP Hyper N520 Copper 5-HEATPIPE CPU Heatsink w/ Fan LGA1155 1156 1366 AM3 - 50887_l.jpg Cooler Master RR-920-N520-GP Hyper N520 Copper 5-HEATPIPE CPU Heatsink w/ Fan LGA1155 1156 1366 AM3 - 50887_1.jpg Cooler Master RR-920-N520-GP Hyper N520 Copper 5-HEATPIPE CPU Heatsink w/ Fan LGA1155 1156 1366 AM3 - 50887_2.jpg Customer Photos (0)
Reg. Price: $46.98  CAD
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   Shipping Weight:   2.2 lbs
   Part #: RR-920-N520-GP
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Features    [ Edit | History ]

Hyper N520 CPU Cooler provides Optimum Air Flow and Distinct appearance with dual fan bracket Unique dual fan cooling design ensures cool air accelerates straight through the heatsink. Mirror finished copper base guarantees perfect contact between CPU and cooler 5 heat pipes optimize heat transfer

Quick Specs:
Air Flow 1 x 43.8 CFM
Application/Usage Processor

Intel CPUs:

  • Core i7
  • Core 2 Extreme
  • Core 2 Quad
  • Core 2 Duo
  • Pentium 4
  • Pentium D
  • Celeron
  • Celeron D


  • Phenom X4 Quad Core
  • Phenom X3 Triple Core /
  • Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core
  • Athlon 64 FX
  • Athlon 64
  • Sempron
Connectors 3-pin TX3
Fan Diameter 1 x 92 mm
Limited Warranty 1 Year
Weight (Approximate) 1.52 lb
Fan Speed 1 x 1800 rpm
Fan Bearing Type Sleeve Bearing
Height 4.8"
Width 4"
Depth 5.6"
Number of Fans 1
Heatsink Height 5.55"
Heatsink Width 2.45"
Heatsink Depth 4.53"

Specifications    [ Edit | History ]
Fan Information  
     Air Flow: 1 x 43.8 CFM
     Fan Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing
     Fan Speed: 1 x 1800 rpm
     Number of Fans: 1
General Information  
     Brand Name: Cooler Master
     Manufacturer: Cooler Master Co., Ltd
     Manufacturer Part Number: RR-920-N520-GP
     Manufacturer Website Address:
     Product Model: Hyper N520
     Product Name: Hyper N520 Heatpipe CPU Cooler
     Product Type: Cooling Fan/Heatsink
Heatsink Information  
     Fins/Pins Style: Heat Pipe
     Connectors: 3-pin TX3
     Additional Information:
  • Air pressure: 3.24 mmH2O
  • Noise Level: 19 dBA
  • Heat Pipes Dimensions: 6 mm

     Application/Usage: Processor

Intel CPUs:

  • Core i7
  • Core 2 Extreme
  • Core 2 Quad
  • Core 2 Duo
  • Pentium 4
  • Pentium D
  • Celeron
  • Celeron D


  • Phenom X4 Quad Core
  • Phenom X3 Triple Core /
  • Athlon 64 x2 Dual Core
  • Athlon 64 FX
  • Athlon 64
  • Sempron

Physical Characteristics  
     Depth: 5.6" (141 mm)
     Fan Diameter: 1 x 92 mm
     Fan Location: Side
     Heatsink Depth: 4.5" (115 mm)
     Heatsink Height: 5.6" (141 mm)
     Heatsink Width: 2.5" (62.3 mm)
     Height: 4.8" (122.4 mm)
     Weight (Approximate): 688 g
     Width: 4" (102.5 mm)
     Limited Warranty: 1 Year

COOLERMASTER RR-920-N520-GP Customer Reviews

Product reviews on are screened for relevance and inappropriate content. Reviews may contain inaccurate information about the product. If there is a discrepancy, please use the Flag this Review link located beside each review. Reviews are not an endorsement expressed by, but opinions from customers based on their own experience with a product. We do not recommend you make purchasing decisions based on facts or opinions expressed regarding COOLERMASTER RR-920-N520-GP reviews.
Experience: 90 Days
good quality and cooling
pricematch needed
well made and easy to install.good fitting compatability

Experience: 2 Days
 Verified Owner
Small Tower Cooler
92mm Push/Pull Fans
Non-PWM Fans
I bought this cooler to replace a Coolermaster GeminS524 Top Down Cooler in an HTPC NMedia 2000b case. The Gemin S524 could not keep my OC'd Phenom II 965 below 62 degrees c 4.03Ghz(1.4125v).
I removed both 92mm fans that came with this cooler and replaced them with Coolermaster Blademaster 92mm PWM fans. I priced matched the fans down to $5.x each.
This N520 cooler can actually keep my Phenom around 57-58 degrees under full load which is 5 degrees cooler then the Gemin S524. The fans do spin up to ~2800rpm's 100% to obtain this temperatures.
At idle I am seeing a steady 43 degrees with both fans c 45% (~1800rpm) which is what the stock fans spin at that come with this kit. I would say that this cooler is at it's limits with a 125watt tdp cpu.

Experience: 2 Months
 Verified Owner
Lower height, dual fans,
splitter caused rpm misreads, minor issue(if at all)
With an intake fan on the side of the case I needed a lower profile fan, but still wanted it to be directional.

The fan has lower height than most that have a similar design and still performs well.

Using the Y-cable and connecting both fans to one connector caused an rpm flag upon boot, rpm would dip below acceptable default levels randomly. Easily remedied by connecting to separate connectors or disabling the RPM monitor as it's obviously caused by 2 fans being connected at once.

Experience: 4 Months
Nice Packaging
-Amazing to look at if you like the industrial look
-Great Price, now that they lowered it
-Borderline Silent
-Good Airflow
-Incredibly Effective!!!
None, zip, zilch, nada, zero, not applicable, theroretical, or possible. Simply put this product is perfect.

*NOTE* Requires common sense and slight skill to install, which may be a problem for some judging by alot of the reviews
This is an update  to an already great review. I just wanted to clarify that I've now bought a second one and installed it on a clients Zosma overclocked 400 mhz with Artic Silver 5 in a Raven Rv03 and the temps are simply the best I've ever seen!

*idle temps 15
*load temps 24

Cooler master has a lifelong customer (for cpu coolers anyway)

OH BTW the second installation literally took less than 10 mins so people get a clue and learn how to assemble a computer, or just have me build it for you = P)

Experience: 30 Days
Good cooling
there are better coolers, but for twice the price.
I overclocked a AMD 955 BE. Im using a HAF 912 case with 1x 200mm fan, and 4x 120mm fans, so more than sufficient airflow.

Installation was easy, but better to use with two people because you have to flip the motherboard but you want the CPU to contact the Heatsink properly and not create  air bubbles. Used the thermal paste that came with the cooler, i used a pea size method (recommended method).

At 4.0ghz (1.45v Vcore 1.35v cpu-nb) i had a 33 degree idle and 51 degree load. At 4.2ghz and 1.520v it heated to high to quickly so it did not suffice. Its generally not good to go over 49degrees with amd 9x5 (65 max) series for performance reasons but 51 i guess is fine, only under constant load will it do that at %100

Its definitely a quality and heavy product and with 2 fans, a copper base its a great price. However there are coolers that really outperform this one, i read that someone managed to OC a AMD 955 j 4.0ghz with 46 degree load, but then again idk how much his CPU-NB was OC, because mine is pretty high at 2.8ghz. If your looking to spend about $40 i would recommend this cooler for sure.

Perfect temps in a warm (24degree room) were achieved at 3.8ghz j 1.400v vcore and 2.8ghz 1.35v CPU-NB. My CPU-NB is usually 1.20v stock so its a big difference and usually 2.0ghz. More performance is seen with CPU-NB increases so in conclusion, im very happy with my CPU cooler its only holding me back 200mhz (my CPU is not stable at 4.3GHZ) and that extra 200mhz on 3Dmark11 was a overall 20 point increase only. Most chips wont offer such a high OC like mine, i got lucky, so i really would suggest this a very good CPU cooler!

Noise - i turned off cool and quiet and turned the fan to %100 all the time because its not that bad, when i turn my fans to silent i can hear the cpu cooler slightly so it is quiet, and the fans definetly push air, and it lined up PERFECTLY with my rear exhaust fan so it really helped push more air out.

*i dropped a extra 5 degrees by tightening the bolts of the CPU cooler by using a really long screw driver. I recommend to use a long screwdriver (i used a 9") to make sure its tightened very well, you can feel when its torqued well. I know it sounds silly but with a generic sized screwdriver you can tighten it as hard as you can but a longer one will help you get more out of this CPU cooler!

Short screw drivers will make you feel like you did enough but it won't be!!

This review was modfied by poster @ 05-26-11 12:18 PM

Experience: 1 Days
 Verified Owner
- Don't now
- Have to screw in the plate counter clockwise (lefty loosey)
Was setting it up and screwed in the plate normally clockwise and halfway in would get stuck. Screws are very small so are easy to strip. Had to toss the whole unit after screws broke off inside. Partially my fault but I have never had to screw something in the opposite way and it started going in clockwise so assumed it was just getting stuck.

Probably a good cooler IF you can get it installed.

Experience: 90 Days
 Verified Owner
Small height
Dual fan
comes with thermal paste tube
compatible with most socket types
attractive design
Decent price when price matched. The height was perfect for my case which had height constraint issues. Compatible with most socket types, very quiet dual fans and also came with thermal paste tube. Design is also very nice

Experience: 60 Days
 Verified Owner
Cooling Ability
I chose this CPU Cooler for a friend who has an Azza 1000 to cool his AMD 1055T. With the side case fan on the azza I needed a cooler that wasn't too tall, but I didn't want to sacrifice too much performance either. This cooler fit the bill with it's push-pull fan configuration. I conservatively set his clock speed to 3.8GHZ, if it were mine I would have attempted higher but I needed it to be 110% stable for him. Highly recommended!

Experience: 1 Months
 Verified Owner
Brings Core i7 idle temperature down significantly from the stock cooler.
I honestly can't think of any.
A great replacement for the stock Intel cooler without breaking the bank. And I can't imagine needing any more than this.

Experience: 2 Weeks
Solid copper base
6 heat pipes
Definately looks good in a lit windowed case
Significant improvement over stock coolers.
Installation is a bit hard, It's a 2 person job to attack the heatsink and backplate.
I got this heatsink so I could push some more mhz out of my overclocked Phenom II 720 BE and it does the job, I'm now significantly overclocked and my idle and load temps are lower than when my CPU was at stock frequency with stock cooler.

Only issue is installation. you need 2 people to get the heatsink on and screwed to the backplate while holding your mobo.

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